Update your contact information in an instant with just a few clicks!

You can now breeze through application forms by using MyInfo to auto-populate your personal information and pre-fill our online forms.

Get started now with 3 quick and easy steps:
  1. Click on the option to update your information using MyInfo
    We only collect and use your personal data which is relevant and required for the purpose of providing you with better customer services and products.
  2. Login to SingPass to authenticate yourself and give consent for us to retrieve your personal data
  3. Verify your auto-populated data and submit your application

For more information about MyInfo and our privacy practices, please refer to our FAQs below or click here for our privacy policy.


  1. What is MyInfo?

    Designed by the government, MyInfo is an online service which facilitates and simplifies online transactions for Singapore citizens and residents by enabling you to manage the use of personal data in your MyInfo profile. This consists of government-verified data you may have provided to any participating government agencies and any other data you may have contributed to your profile from time to time.

    You can now do away with the administrative hassle of form-filling by consenting to the sharing of the data in your MyInfo profile to pre-fill forms in digital services transactions. Think a one-stop interactive card that automatically consolidates your data along with any updates made by you or the various government agencies.

  2. Who can use MyInfo?

    MyInfo is a fuss-free service which does not require any registration but is only available to SingPass users. Thus, you must be at least 15 years of age and either a Singaporean/PR or work permit holder/employment pass holder.

  3. How do I control what data is being shared with you?

    We will only request for specific information about you which is required for the relevant online forms. Thereafter, we will only be granted access to such information after you have provided your consent for it to be shared with us. The personal data disclosed to us will not be used for any other purposes not disclosed to you at the time of the provision of your consent.

  4. Can I withdraw my consent to you retrieving my data from MyInfo?

    Please note that your consent is required at the point of transaction for each instance in which we retrieve your personal data from MyInfo. As such, separate consents will be requested for the retrieval of your data from MyInfo in each online form.

    Nonetheless, if you wish to withdraw your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal data, you may submit a written request at

  5. What do I do if the pre-filled data by MyInfo is wrong?

    Although the online form may be auto-populated by the data retrieved from MyInfo, you are still responsible for ensuring that all data submitted for the purposes of any transaction with us are correct, accurate and complete.

    You should ensure that the all the information contained in your MyInfo profile is updated and, in respect of government-verified data, you should contact the relevant government agency for correction.

  6. If I use MyInfo, do I still need to update you of subsequent changes in my particulars?

    Yes, you are responsible for notifying us promptly of any changes in your particulars. We are only permitted to retrieve the data which you have consented to disclosing with us at the point of the transaction. We will not have access to or be notified of any subsequent changes to the data in your MyInfo profile.

    If there have been any changes in your particulars, you can update your details with us here.